Joining The Scheme

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17th Aug 2023 |
Joining The Scheme

Joining the Scheme

Which cars can I choose under the Scheme?
Your choice of car is restricted to electric cars only, and may be affected by your salary and the availability of insurance.

How can I find out which cars are available and how much I could save by joining the Scheme?
You'll be able to choose your ideal electric car from a wide range of models now available from a wide range of manufacturers.

You will be able to request indicative salary sacrifice quotations so that you can compare the features of each car and discover the savings they offer. Your Account Manager, Stuart Adam, can provide you with sample quotes for popular models to help in your decision making. You can then request a bespoke quotation from Stuart for any electric car and for the term and mileage that suits your needs.

How do I arrange a test drive?
The easiest way for you to arrange a test drive is to do so directly with your nearest main dealer, or via Stuart Adam.

Can I choose colours and add options?
Yes. Choice of colour and options made available by your chosen manufacturer are permissible.

Choosing additional options is likely to increase the amount of salary you sacrifice each month, but in no circumstance can you select a car, or additional options that would cause the salary you sacrifice to reduce your salary below the National Living/Minimum Wage.

What will be included with my car?
In addition to your brand new electric car, the Scheme includes servicing, maintenance, fully comprehensive motor insurance and roadside assistance.

Can I modify the car?
You should not alter or modify the car in any way without seeking prior approval from Vavoom. Please contact Vavoom on 0344 264 4177.

How do I order my chosen car?
Once you're ready to order a car you should contact your Vavoom Account Manager to discuss your precise requirements, including any options you might wish to add and the mileage you think you'll undertake each year.

What happens once I've placed my order?
You'll be asked to sign your salary sacrifice agreement and forward it to your employer for countersignature.

Authorisation to order the car will be sought from your employer, and once your employer has countersigned your salary sacrifice agreement and approved the order of your car, Vavoom will place the order with the dealer and let you know the estimated delivery date.

Could my employer block my order?
If the salary sacrifice you'll have to pay for your chosen car would reduce your pay below the National Living/Minimum Wage, your employer would be obliged not to approve your order.

Likewise, if the car you've selected falls outside the Scheme policy parameters determined by your employer, they may not authorise your proposed order and ask you to select a more appropriate car.

Can I cancel my order once it's been placed?
If you wish to withdraw your application to join the Scheme after your car has been ordered you may be liable to a cancellation charge if unavoidable costs or losses are incurred, such as dealer charges. Any cancellation charge will be charged to your employer who will deduct it from your net pay in the following month per the terms and conditions of the Scheme.

Can I amend my order once it's been submitted?
Whilst Vavoom cannot guarantee to accommodate your request, where an amendment is possible your employer may incur a charge if unavoidable costs or losses are incurred in the supply chain, including for example dealer charges. Your employer will deduct any such charge from your net pay in the following month per the terms and conditions of the Scheme.

What happens if I order a car and leave employment before it is delivered?
Your order will be cancelled by Vavoom which may result in a recharge to your employer if there are unavoidable costs or losses incurred in the vehicle supply chain, including for example dealer charges. Your employer will be entitled to pass any recharges on to you by deduction from your final salary.

See the section entitled 'End of contract and early termination' for further information.

How long must I keep the car?
Your contract will be for a fixed term of 2, 3 or 4 years. Within 12 months of the end of your contract Vavoom will contact you to discuss your options and your potential choice of a new replacement car.

If you wish to terminate the contract early, an early termination charge may apply. See the section entitled 'End of contract and early termination' for further information.

Does it matter how many miles I drive?
Yes. You will be asked to estimate your annual mileage and you should try to make your estimate as accurate as possible so that you do not exceed this mileage during the lease contract.

When you return your car at the end of the contract, if the recorded mileage exceeds the agreed contracted mileage, you will be liable to an excess mileage charge which will be deducted from your net pay by your employer in the following month.

How do I find out how much my salary sacrifice will be?
You will be provided with a final quotation from Vavoom which will contain the gross salary sacrifice you will make each month.

When will my salary sacrifice start?
Your first salary sacrifice will be made in the month following delivery of your car.

How long will I have to wait for my new car?
The wait time will depend on the car you order and whether it is in stock or has yet to be made by the manufacturer. Once your order has been placed, Vavoom will inform you of the car’s estimated date of delivery and will update you in the event of a change to this estimate.

Once the delivery date of your new car has been confirmed Vavoom will contact you to arrange its delivery and, where appropriate, collection of your current Scheme car.

Will a hire car be provided whilst I wait for my car to be delivered?
No hire or temporary cars will be provided.

How do I find out if I can install a home charge point?
Vavoom has teamed up with Project EV to offer home charge point installations for Scheme participants.

For information related to the installation of a home charge point please contact Vavoom on 0344 264 4177.

When should I organise the installation of a charge point for my home?
Once your car has been ordered, you may proceed to organise the installation of a charge point at your home. Project EV will help you decide which home charge point is most appropriate for you and apply the UK government grant on your behalf if you are eligible.

For more information related to the installation of a home charge point please contact Vavoom on 0344 264 4177, who will explain the process to you and contact Project EV on your behalf prior to delivery of your car, subject to availability.

Will I need to pay for the installation of a charge point at home?
Charging at home is not only the most convenient way to charge your car but will be much cheaper than charging via the public network, and you are therefore advised to install a charge point at your home, which you will have to pay for unless your employer is willing to contribute towards the cost.

From April 2022, the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme ("EVHS") is only available to homeowners who live in flats, or individuals who live in rented accommodation. The EVHS grant provides up to 75% of the installation cost of a charge point, up to a maximum of £350, and for those living in Scotland an additional £250 Energy Savings Trust grant remains available.

For further information related to the grants available and your eligibility please see the guidance on the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme or Smart Homecharge.

Will I get the range I expect from my car?
As with any car, the range you get during day-to-day driving is likely to differ from the official range stated by the manufacturer, and electric cars are no different. The actual range your car achieves will depend on a number of factors including:-

o temperature, the batteries are less efficient in the winter;
o speed, electric cars are more efficient at lower speeds;
o the route you take, hills will take more power from the battery;
o how you drive;
o accelerating and braking gently improves efficiency;
o preserving momentum and using regenerative braking improves efficiency; and
o use of the heater or air conditioning.

Please bear in mind that your car will also 'make' additional electric miles on many journeys, where you drive economically and at lower speeds, but ultimately it is your responsibility to choose an appropriate vehicle with an appropriate range that suits your daily mileage requirements.

How long will it take to charge my car?
Charging times vary depending on the battery capacity, the charging speed of the car and the speed of the charge point, but however fast the charge point the charging time will be limited to the maximum charging speed of your car. So, if your car has a 7kW charging speed, if the charging unit has a speed of 50kW your car will still only be able to accept charging at 7kW.

Do I need to change my electricity tariff?
No, but we advise that you review your tariff with your energy supplier to ensure you will still be on the best tariff after you start charging your car at home.

Some energy providers offer off peak, or smart, tariffs which make it cheaper if you charge your car overnight.

Do you have more information for me?
Absolutely. We have a full brochure on all ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ regarding Salary Sacrifice which is accessible here. Alternatively, you can call our Account Team on 0344 264 4177

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