Fleet Management

Vavoom offer a fleet management information portal, ‘Vavoom Check’. Our new management information platform forms part of our strategy to offer our clients the best software on the market.


Vavoom Check sits at the core of our digital revolution and allows Vavoom to offer you ‘big data’ analysis for historical fleet performance as well as analytically driven recommendations to improve future fleet efficiencies. Vavoom can provide access to Vavoom Check for your employees via our Driver App, with individual logins provided.


With over 100 reportable items (many of which are future forecasts) as well as providing historical reflections, we will inform you of any changes we feel necessary to make to your fleet policy, strategy and seasonal or temporary requirements.



MI Reporting Packs – Fleet Manager Dashboard

Your real time “Vavoom Check” dashboard will deliver you up to the minute data regarding spend summaries by type. These reports show your monthly expenditure vs your previous month / previous year. You will have access to the complete dashboard whilst your drivers receive access to a pre- determined portal, tailoring access to as much or as little data as you wish them to see. This is all delivered by smart phone application to ensure your drivers have access while on the go.  


Examples of reports included are as follows:


  • Fines, daily rental, accident damage
  • Spend by cost centre within your organisation
  • Spend comparisons versus previous period, previous year
  • Summary stats on operational fleet size
  • Supply by manufacturer
  • Average Co2 within the business and split by cost centre / business division
  • Split between cars and vans within the aggregated business and/or within business division
  • Vehicle renewals due (you can set timescale based on how far from contract maturity)
  • Vehicles by age

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