Eligibility for Salary Sacrifice

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17th Aug 2023 |
Eligibility for Salary Sacrifice


Am I eligible to participate in the Scheme?
To be able to participate, in addition to being eligible for the motor insurance, you must:

 earn a salary sufficient to enable the sacrifice due under the Scheme to be made without reducing your post sacrifice, revised, salary below the National Living/Minimum Wage; and
 be aged [21] or over.

Please refer to the section entitled 'Impact on statutory payments and state benefits' for questions relating to the National Living/Minimum Wage

Your employer may also stipulate that you:-
 are a permanent member of staff or on a fixed term contract, not on a temporary contract and no longer subject to a period of probation;
 are not the subject of any disciplinary or redundancy proceedings or given notice of your intention to leave employment; and
are not on long term sick leave, sabbatical or parental leave.

If your application to take part in the Scheme is accepted by your employer this does not in any way affect your employer’s rights to terminate your employment.

Am I eligible for the Scheme insurance?
You must meet the following insurance criteria to be eligible to join the Scheme.

• All drivers must be aged between 18 and 75 (and no older than 78 at the end of the term);
• All drivers must hold a full licence from the UK, EU, EEA or one of the following countries; Andorra, Australia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, USA or Zimbabwe;
• You must have been a permanent employee for a minimum of 6 months;
• All drivers must be permanent UK residents;
• All drivers must have:
     o no more than 2 category 'A' convictions disclosed;
     o no more than 1 FAULT claim per driver disclosed in the last 3 years;
     o no claims or category ‘A’ convictions less than 3 years old on the car delivery date;
     o no convictions (as highlighted below) which are less than 5 years old on the delivery date;
     o no non-motoring convictions still in force under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act;
• Drivers must not be employed by the emergency services - unless explicitly agreed; and
• Drivers must not be celebrities or otherwise in the public eye including professional sportspersons, actors and musicians.

Category ‘A’ Convictions show on online licence checks beginning with the following codes:
CU – LC – MW – PC – SP – TS

Please note:
you DO NOT meet the eligibility criteria for the scheme if you have a conviction in the last 5 years:
- which has resulted in a ban (including any of the minor conviction codes above); or
- with any of the following letters on your licence: AC – BA – CD – DD – DG – DR – IN – MS – TT - UT

See the section entitled 'Motor Insurance' for further information.

Can part-time staff join the Scheme?
Part-time employees are eligible to join the Scheme provided certain requirements are met.

Please refer to the section entitled 'Impact on statutory payments and state benefits' for questions relating to the National Living/Minimum Wage and the Lower Earnings Limit.

I am already participating in a salary sacrifice scheme - does this affect my eligibility status?
To ensure you are eligible to join the Scheme, and that your current salary sacrifice(s) will not be affected by joining the Scheme, please contact the person within your fleet and/or HR department who is responsible for operating your employer's Scheme.

Will I be given any formal advice regarding my suitability to join the Scheme?
No. The information provided in this guide does not constitute advice. You should seek independent financial advice if you are unsure about your eligibility to join the Scheme or its financial consequences.

Do you have more information for me?
Absolutely. We have a full brochure on all ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ regarding Salary Sacrifice which is accessible here. Alternatively, you can call our Account Team to discuss in more detail on 0344 264 4177.

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